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International trading increases more rapidly than before and borders seem to disappear. It is more and more common to start working abroad. Did your employer informed you that you will have to leave the country for a certain period? Good for your career, but financially it can be tough if you have to pay the housing costs of your property here in The Netherlands. In that case it can be a good idea to (temporarily) rent out your house. And HouseScout is happy to help you out!

The number of foreign employees looking in the Randstad for quality (furnished) apartments and houses is increasing. If you are thinking of renting out your property, it can be financially attractive for you.   However, make sure that everything has been taken care off. Here are some tips for you to take into account:




Tenancy agreement needs to be legally accurate

Tenants have a lot of protection in Holland. This means that, as landlord, you need to have a custom made contract for every situation. Contracts of the internet  can sound easy but they are general templates and not always correct. Decide if you wish to include a diplomat clause in the tenancy agreement. This clause offers more possibilities for temporary contracts. As an estate agent, we can help you exactly how wand when to include such an article into the agreement.  

Property management

Whilst located abroad, you want to be sure that everything goes to way it should be with your rented apartment/house. Ensure that  the property has been thoroughly checked before you leave, draw up an inventory list and leave a clear manual for the tenants how to take of the property.  

Some housing matters are pretty standard, but other matters need to be taken care of as well, such as the yearly maintenance for the central heating system or a leaky kitchen tap. You want to be sure that someone takes care of these issues. When you are away, you probably don’t have time for those things. Not to worry! HouseScout can take care of the technical, financial and commercial property management for you. This way you are assured that things are nicely  managed. All you need to do is enjoy your new life abroad!

Are you thinking of moving abroad and renting your home? Contact us for a free of charge meeting. With our vast network we will find the perfect match for you!