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Renting through HouseScout means a guaranteed “home sweet home feeling”. This is the way we work, quickly, professionally, with knowledge of the market and with a personal approach.

Besides our own portfolio, it’s also possible to have a property search done for you. We work in The Hague and surroundings on behalf of private persons and companies and it’s our goal to find that perfect home for you.

Get in touch. We would love to help you out!.

No more worries…
Would you like to view properties on your own, or would you like to save time by having HouseScout pre-select for you?
You can choose for our neighbourhood scan, so you’ll know what amenities are available close by. Does your house needs to be newly decorated or just a quick cleaning?
Would you like to have your relocation to be arranged for you?

We are used to dealing with these kinds of arrangements all the time, so no worries, we will do it for you.
Who wants to be bothered with administration, registrations and setting up contracts with suppliers and providers. Just leave it all up to us! No matter if you are a private person or a company, every aspect can be arranged. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can offer your international employees this service level?

Contact us for a free of charge intake. We would like to listen to what you want and work together with you so we can find you that perfect match.

"Dear Karin, thank you so much for caring for us and helping us out finding the perfect place in The Hague. You gave us great selections to choose from and you really helped us by paying attention to all details and helping us out with the stack of paperwork and all these different things we needed to get started. Because of you we found the perfect house in the best neighbourhood, THANKS!!"
Ana M.