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Is your property for sale? Why not rent it out temporarily!

If your property is for sale but it doesn’t go as well as you would like, then HouseScout can be of service. For these circumstances we have special rental conditions so your house or apartment can be rented out without any risks. In the case that a buyer turns up, you can terminate the rental agreement in order to sell your property. Renting out your home via Leegstandswet is the way to establish this.

How does the Leegstandswet work?

The Leegstandswet in its current form is a law that make it possible for home owners to rent your their property temporarily whilst keeping the house or apartment for sale at the same time. In most cases the situation is that the home owner has already moved into their new home and the first property is empty because it still has not been sold. It provides more options for the home owner to terminate the rental agreement and the tenant has less rights. The biggest benefit is that the home owner can get a rental revenue for the empty property until it has been sold.

Can I rent out my property via the Leegstandswet?

There are, of course, conditions as well. One of these is the fixed period of the first 6 months for both parties. After this fixed period, the home owner has a notice period of 3 months and the tenant has a notice period of 1 month. Authorisation by the council and mortgage provider is mandatory. Some mortgage providers demand to have obligatory sales viewings.

For how long can I rent out my property via the Leegstandswet?

Renting out your house or apartment is permitted for 5 years maximum.
Is the end of this 5 year period approaching, then it’s advisable to contact your mortgage provider to discuss the possibilities and to contact your sales agent.

Want to know more about the benefits of renting out via the Leegstandswet? Contact us!