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Property management: renting out with nothing to worry about

Renting out your house via HouseScout is easy enough – but with our property management you really have nothing to worry about anymore.

Choose a package deal of technical, financial and commercial support, such as:

  • Inspecting and settling repairs;
  • Managing maintenance contracts;
  • Collecting the monthly rent and act upon arrears in payments;
  • Managing the deposit and handle the check-out procedure;
  • Managing, adjusting and up keeping of rental contracts and rental increases.

You will be informed of all issues and actions taken and you will receive a monthly overview stating the received rent settled with the repair costs and property management fees. The property management fee consists of a percentage of the monthly rent (excluding VAT) and depends on the package of services provided. Do you want to know more about our services?
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"Do you hear somebody complain in your neighbourhood that their previous house still hasn’t been sold? I can recommend HouseScout! I was very satisfied with their services: I never would have thought of renting out. Now we can move forward and start planning our moving into our new house. No fuss whatsoever because HouseScout also manages the place for us. Now we can start enjoying our new life, fantastic!"
T. Bult-van der Veen
"Our deepest gratitude for all the help with our relocation and the help we received last year. Living together abroad without having to give up my own apartment has succeeded in even a better way than I could have imagined. We were extremely happy with the tenants because after they had left was everything in the apartment clean and in good condition. Ready for the next rental!"