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Do you want to rent out your property in Den Haag?

Do you wish to rent out your property, either temporarily or for a longer period of time? Do you have property portfolio that needs to be rented out and being managed? Are you looking for a suitable tenant for your house or apartment? HouseScout is the specialist in renting out (temporary) properties and finds the perfect match for you.

We arrange rentals for home owners/investors as well as for large portfolio holders. We are experts regarding rental mediation in the region Haaglanden and we have extended knowledge of the local rental market. Because of our good relationships with many international organisations, various embassies and governments in Den Haag and surroundings, we experience a continuous flow of property searchers and international expats.

Every rental demands a different approach, that’s why we use every available means that will get the right result, and we will do this with you. A good start is with the free of charge appointment, this is an orientation in which we explain everything about the rental process and practicalities. We also make an inventory of the specific wishes of the home owner/investor. Renting out is customized service providing according to your wishes and the recent market situation.

There are specific laws and regulations with renting out your property and it’s important that you are aware of these rules and regulations. Some of the most important rules can be found below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you wish to know more about the benefits of renting out your house or apartment.

Authorisation mortgage provider
If you want to rent out your home which is mortgaged, then you will probably need permission of the mortgage provider. Check out the possibilities with your financial advisor or mortgage provider.

Rental revenues
When you rent out your property, you will receive rent. It is possible that you will need to fill this in into box 1 or box 3 on the tax form. Check out the possible consequences with your financial advisor or tax advisor (belastingdienst).

Energy label
With renting out it is mandatory to get an energy label. Not having one is risking a fine. For more information please see the following link: http://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/energielabel-gebouwen 

Property insurance
We recommend checking out the property insurance when renting out your home.

More information is found on the website of the Home Owners’ Association (Vereniging Eigen Huis): https://www.eigenhuis.nl/actueel/Dossiers/Dossier-tijdelijke-verhuur/recessie-verzekeringen-tijdelijke-verhuur