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The Hague is 1 of 43 cities worldwide to score an ‘A’ grade on its climate policy. The Hague was featured in the ‘A List’ of cities released in May by environmental impact non-profit CDP at the start of EU Green Week.




The ‘A’ score means that The Hague has plans to cut emissions and set climate strategies. The plans were measured in terms of scope, comprehensiveness, feasibility, financing and ambitions. More than 600 cities reported through CDP’s environmental disclosure platform in 2018, only 7% received an A. The Hague was the only city in the Netherlands and 1 of the 9 cities in Europe. In addition to The Hague, Barcelona, London, Paris, Cape Town and Hong Kong received the CDP’s top score.

'Most ambitious in the world'

According to the jury report: ‘Rising sea levels and water stress bring real challenges for The Hague, the largest Dutch city on the North Sea. As the international city of peace and justice, the city is used to dealing with complexity and the city’s approach to tackling climate change is among the most ambitious in the world.’

Climate neutral by 2030

Concrete actions which were named include The Hague’s ambition to be climate neutral by 2030 and its partnership with housing corporations, NGOs, industry, regional and national government to achieve this. The Hague’s targets are more ambitious than national targets, which aims for the whole of the Netherlands to be climate neutral by 2050. The CDP explicitly praised the way The Hague is dealing with water.  

The complete list can be seen on the website of CDP.


Source: www.denhaag.nl